Music link up

Goodevening everyone. Before I make haste towards the nearest inn for the night I thought I should let you know about my budding playlist. To help you get inside my head, and you’ll probably need all the help you can get plus a map, I’ve started a playlist of music from my life. I may add more songs as I think of them, but as of right now my brief list is located on the side of the blog under the “Hunt with Me” category. Happy hunting, and remember that no one ever stays lost forever ^^


Let’s Wander!

I’m bored… I wonder what’s around camp.

Update from the Temple of Moldygrawr!

So we freed the prisoners from the Temple of Moldygrawr! I even reunited a young girl with her parents in doing so! Before finding Amanda’s mother though, we encountered a very powerful mage of Moldygrawr. I could tell he was an enemy, and my instincts told me to take him with a carefully aimed arrow from the doorway. Seeing what I was about to do Ari, our oh-so-noble paladin, scolded me for attempting to shoot a target from behind. So I said fine, and decided to ignore my instincts ( a real taboo for my kind) and decided to do things her way… for the moment.

I attempted to sneak in, but he heard me. Now that he was facing me I thought Ari would be fine with me taking him down with a point-blank arrow to the neck. I lifted my weapon but was met with her reproachful gaze. Again, like a trained dog, I ignored my inner Lupine instincts and decided to attempt to search this man while he was alive. Once again, I neglected my inner drive to be the hunter and allowed myself to become the prey!

In a flash (literally) I was struck with five or six bright balls of… uhm.. fiery pain is the best way I could describe it. Grisworld told me afterward it was a “Magic Missile”… anyway, I could have died because I opted to ignore the very instincts that have kept me alive for all of these years. While the fur on my ears was still smoking, Griswold, Denya, and Gregory leapt into the room to my aid. However, Denya was soon brought lifeless to the floor by an explosion of fire from the sorcerer’s fingertips. My immediate reaction was not sadness… although I could feel the tears coming, but rather rage. I have come to like Ari, but her way is completely wrong! Her beliefs… her “morality” is completely misguided and seems to be fit for getting one killed. Maybe it’s fine for elves who have years and years, but for us humans and semi-humans time is vital. In this wild world, elves have the right and luxury of “living,” wheras for those like myself and Denya there is only “survival.” Life, for us, is never a given but lasts only as long as we continue to earn it.

While I disagree with the established religions of the major cities, I am by no means a nonbeliever. Even a country hick like myself is not blind to the fact that the Gods are not limited to the religions that people attach to them.  As I write this I give thanks that Divine Will saw it fit that Denya may be returned to the living by the miracle of the Wand of Resurrection. And in her place, we sent the the mage’s terrible spirit to the land of the dead, in an oh-so satisfyingly painful way, courtesy of Griswold.

After that, the Gods continued to bless our adventure by our discovery of Amanda’s mom! Oh, and I found a neat secret compartment in the bookshelf which contained some shiny rocks that I know people in the cities pay a lot for, although I plan on giving them to Night Panther when she awakens.

So I led Amanda’s mom, (also named Amanda!) to her daughter and husband. I then aided in the prisoner’s escape in felling a few guards.. one of which had a family. I found his locket and made a note in this journal to find his family. I will be sure to tell them that he had the heart of a paladin… despite common sense and his natural survival instincts, he opted to die like a hero. While I do write this with disgust, I am sure that his family may find comfort in that fact. Of course I will obscure the truth of his death somewhat… I am not sure how they will take the fact that he was employed by Moldygrawr… (er… that’s how you say it right? He is the god of mold and decay afterall..).

Elves love nature… but I don’t think they listen to it enough. A wolf never asks what he should do as a wolf, for he knows. But humans and elves… they constantly question their hearts to the point of making boundaries which serve to only cage their instincts as animal brethern of all of Vacuna’s children. I don’t need a lecture or some hoity-toity tome to tell me that family, friends, happiness, and life must be preserved, for it is the way of nature.

I feel better after venting in this journal… I will give Ari a big hug once I see her again and let her know there’s no hard feelings. I also need to give Bran a big bear hug for leading the prisoners, and I should also check him for any injuries. Once everyone’s safely outside I would also like to have a (very quick) chin-wag with that old thief. I hope granny has some neat tips on the trade for me.  I will then say goodbye to Amanda and her family, and return to Moldygrawr’s temple to find my friends and continue in the quest for the “Tears of Voldara.”

Hello everyone, I live!

It’s been absolutely crazy these last couple months, at least according to my book it has. Let’s see.. we were in the “Temple of Moligar” looking for the antidote to Night Panther’s poison! And speaking of Night Panther, we later all had a nice picnic by the woods. However these human-looking beings wearing odd clothes kept staring at us… they smelled funny too. One of them arrived in a carriage with flashing blue and red lights! Spooky! Anyway, it was a great time, but I don’t know if I fully trust everyone in our extended party… there’s a demon.. and two magicians. One mentioned that she (he?) could pull a rabbit out of their hat! Which would be great, it would spare me the trouble of looking for a snack. Oh well, what else is new? Rabbit or no rabbit, I still only trust a pawful of people, and even then… well no one knows that I’ve trained myself well to sleep with one eye open, and to keep my dagger  and sword always at an arm’s reach at night.

Oh, speaking of night, it’s a first quarter moon tonight, which means there will be a full moon in eight days. I don’t understand fully what Ari blabbers on about, “Selene this, and Selene that” All I know is that when that large glowing ball in the sky is its brightest, the evil spirits in the wild are at their strongest. This is when I join with my feral brethren in “Wolf Song” to scare the evil ghosts of the dead away from ourselves and our pack. Non-lupine people don’t understand it… and often I’m told to keep quiet. In fact, the human side of me sometimes pulls me away from my feral nature… but I still jealous of full-lupine and even feral wolves. They have their existence mapped out so simply, and I’m a walking contradiction.

Well, it’s a little after noon, time for a glorious mid-day hunt and a post-hunt drink with Griswold.

Farewell, and may your hunts always be bountiful, your limbs warm with fur, and your stomach full with meat!

In the midnight hour I sew, sew, sew >,<!

Almost done with my attire for the Ren faire saturday. I decided to make my own outfit since I planned on going as my character, Auerion. Unfortunately, I’ve been really busy and didn’t get serious about making it until monday. Here’s how it looks so far…

First the pants, which was the first thing I tried to sew together. Uhm… well the bad news is that they look like crap, the good news is that is what I need since Auerion, being of peasant origin and more or less a hobo (was a wandering ranger for temp. hire before meeting the party) would typically wear less than ‘Alnir quality’ clothing.

I’m not done with this at all, I plan on reinforcing the stitching, trying to fix the crotch, and add more patches. Also was thinking about making a hole in the back and putting a tail through it.

Due to having to hurry I decided against trying to make Auerion’s leather armor, so instead he will be wearing a green tunic (worn like a tabard) over a black shirt.

I really like the color green I picked out, it’s very drab and almost faded. It looks worn and something a Ranger like Auerion would wear. It looks big in this picture, and it is. I plan on wearing it tabard-style and wearing a belt over it around my waist. Also, I will be wearing a black cloak.

I will have a haversack, and another sack I made which will hook onto my belt. I also made bracers.

So I feel accomplished. This was my first time making clothing from scratch and my first time using a sewing machine. Hopefully the outfit holds together saturday ^^;

I’m awake!

Praise Remadi for a dreamless slumber… Now what was I doing… *Auerion picks up his book and opens, scanning the small Lupine script for the last entry* Ah! Right! I remember now! Goodmorning everyone! Let’s go hunt for breakfast! Kill kill kill, food food food, yummy! *Auerion recites in a singsong voice as he prepares a small fire to heat water for coffee*

Sleepy Time

Darkness has fallen, the light is gone and it is time for this Half-Lupine to retire for the evening to the refuge of his dreamscape. I pray to Remadi to watch over me, filter the air and protect me from the airy demons that dwell between the branches and under the soil this night. It is true that presently evil lurks at my proverbial window and door, and with Remadi’s grace there it shall remain and come no closer. If all the gods will it, I will survive, and rise with the sun.  Filled with renewed life and vigor I shall meet the challenges and trials of the coming day.

…Yes I am aware it is a late time to go to bed, the truth is I have run out of coffee some hours ago and am now feeling the effects of weariness and fatigue.

Goodnight friends!